Guest Blog: Sarah Roy talks Shimano Super Crit, spilling gels, and trusting teammates.

If people didn’t know what Roxsolt (both the company and the cycling team) were about, they should by now! We just won another Aussie summer criterium in Melbourne at the Shimano St Kilda Super Crit. The riders; Lauren Kitchen, Chloe Hosking, Kimberley Wells, Jo Hogan and me, Sarah Roy, displayed unwavering confidence going into the event despite the forgoing pressure from riders and media suggesting we were the team to beat.

"It’s amazing how easy it feels for a trust worthy bunch of cyclists to achieve success."

Being the professionals and friends that we are, we left our individualised cycling lives behind and joined forces for the day as if we’d trained and raced together all season. It’s amazing how easy it feels for a trust worthy bunch of cyclists to achieve success.


I’m not going to lie, The Shimano Super Crit is one of the best paying, equal prize events in Australia, if not THE best, and Roxsolt’s aim was to fill our empty female cyclists’ pockets with some quality cash while displaying classy and exciting bike racing.

We wanted the win! And we also wanted two Roxsolt jersey’s on the podium. I think Kelvin Rundle, our super team manager thought an important part of the winning process was to live like a rockstar for a day. The crazy man put us up in The Hilton just kilometres from the race venue. I don’t think I’ve ever even seen the OUTSIDE of The Hilton. It’s not often women cyclists are so well looked after and it’s an absolute privilege that we certainly took full advantage of! We wined and dined and slept in our cloud-like beds feeling relaxed and happy about the race ahead.

"Apparently someone was going to buy me a movie ticket but I was not to go."

We were met at the event by a really big enthusiastic crowd who were settled in watching the graded riders race around the St Kilda circuit before us. Our tent was set up and ready for us to run through our final race prep which included some direct instructions from Kimberley of which not one of us could decipher at the time (or even now for that matter). Apparently someone was going to buy me a movie ticket but I was not to go. The U.S racing scene has done some damage to our Aussie sprinter!


Standing on the start line, I took a gel from my pocket, tore one corner off and squeezed, completely missing my mouth and successfully losing an entire gel to the front of my jersey. I promptly reversed back to our Seight tent and asked our team helper Tegan to clean me up. I don’t think she even asked what happened, it’s generally expected from me I think but I was back on the start line within moments and ready to roll. Never happened!

The race was an hour of fun. The Roxsolt Ladies communicated really well and we were able to represent in every break.

We won 3 of 5 sprint primes and Chloe won the sprint points classification. Jo did a fabulous job of covering one million moves while Lauren and I looked after our sprinters.

Coming into the final few laps Lauren and I controlled the front. Through the final bend of the day, Chloe took to the front and drove it. I was second wheel and heard Kimberly come behind and tell me she was there - and I knew we were set.

As Chloe flew around the last left hander, I dropped her wheel and yelled “go for it Chloeeeeeee!” And she did. My move acted as a bit of a no-mans-land buffer for Kimberley who timed her jump well. She did enough to hold off Eileen (2nd place from Wiggle) but not too much to bring other riders ahead of Chloe who held on for 3rd. Fantastic!!


We celebrated with lots of thanks to our main man Kelvin Rundle. He’s really on to a good thing with this team and although today was my final hit out in the Roxsolt jersey because my UCI team contract begins January 1st, I will always fly the Roxsolt flag and be proud for being a part of something so great.

Hashtag Roxsolt Ladies.