Cyber Security Services Strategy

Quick Start

A long name for a short service. The key outcome of this time bound service is a High Level Estimate and initial Business Case that forms the basis of your organisation's new Cyber Security Services Strategy. Using selected components of Agile and Lean methodology, combined with a Strategy Map and Current State Snapshot the Quick Start is developed on the capped time basis of 76 hours of total effort.

Designed to run over the space of 10 working days (2 weeks) the Quick Start consists of the following deliverables;

  • Business Strategy Map (used as the basis of the business requirements for the service Back Log)
  • Current state Cyber Security Services snapshot and high level gap analysis
  • Prioritised User Stories for Cyber Security Services requirements
  • Recommended prioritised Roadmap and Back Log for development of new Cyber Security Services based on requirements
  • High Level Estimate for initial Back Log
  • Initial Business Case for Roadmap and prioritised Back Log

The Quick Start is designed for organisations that have a requirement to develop a Cyber Security Services Strategy Roadmap but either don't have any available resources internally or would prefer to have the Roadmap developed externally.

The Quick Start is based on the following required client inputs;

  • Meetings and workshops - up to 14 hours and between 6 to 8 meetings/ workshops. These can be either face to face or via web conference. Participants required are the Plan, Design, Build and Run team delegates, business user (customers) delegates and the Quick Start sponsor. Not all participants are required for all meetings and workshops.
  • Current state documentation such as security policy, current service overview
  • Access to a project manager for organisation of meetings and workshops and any additional project reporting requirements. Estimated up to 10 hours.
  • Meeting room and / or web conference facilities
  • Optional - User requirements, backlog and roadmap can be developed directly into client JIRA/ Confluence.
  • Optional - HLE and Business Case can use client template and agreed format

Service cost: $10,000 AUD ex GST and any agreed travel costs for face to face meetings or workshops located outside of Sydney, Australia.

Why Roxsolt? We have worked on IT Service and Cyber Security Service Strategy for some of the biggest names in Australia. 


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