Wanting to join #RoxsoltAttaquer as a rider? Awesome! Read on for a little more information about what we are looking for.

Looking for a Guest Ride? Sadly we are no longer taking new guest riders. Our focus is on developing the next generation of Australian and New Zealand female cyclists and that means we are putting our effort into our team members who are committing to us for the full season.

Just got started or first time racing NRS? We ask for a lot from our riders and this means sacrificing personal results for the placement of the team leader. If you are wanting to experience racing as part of the Australian National Road Series for the first time our recommendation is to race your first season as an individual rider. This will give you the opportunity to show your strengths and to enjoy personal success while enabling you to discover if this level of racing is really for you. Once you have finished a few NRS races the best time to approach teams is around July of each year. Most teams have finalised their roster for the following year by early September.


If you are wanting to partner with #RoxsoltAttaquer, great! We can't wait to hear from you and our contact details are on the bottom of this page. We have an overview ready and waiting to discuss with you.


Sorry, we are not taking any team staff at this time.