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Eliza Middleton: Becoming a Roxcycl Ambassador

December 23 2014


Keeping it secret that I'd been chosen as an ambassador for Roxcycl for about a month was truly difficult! When I got the call, I was so incredibly excited. I felt I was about to burst and wanted to tell everyone! I felt, and still feel, incredibly lucky to be one of the faces for this program and can not wait for the new year and all the rides and gatherings ahead.

"I've learnt that focusing on food is more important than focusing on weight...a social expectation to be a certain size isn't what your body needs when you want to be an athlete competing at your best" - Eliza

Getting together at York Lane for the announcement, I got to meet the organisers of the fantastic program, some amazing mentors that are competitive cyclists, nutritionists, brand managers, and of course the other two ambassadors. It has been an incredibly inspiring experience so far and already I feel like I am an imposter amongst these inspirational women and men. Listening to Rochelle from Wiggle Honda, Rebecca from The Athlete's Kitchen, and Chloe Hosking of Hitec Products, answer questions regarding their inspirations, what keeps them going and their advice for achieving goals, I feel I have learnt so much. 

I've learnt that focusing on food is more important than focusing on weight, a pressure that many women feel regardless of sport, a social expectation to be a certain size isn't what your body needs when you want to be an athlete competing at your best - a starving body doesn't run so fast.

I've learnt that it is possible at any age to get into competitive cycling and win with a little dedication and good time management. 

I've learnt that its possible to have family and a successful cycling career.

"I've learnt that to succeed, you need to put yourself high on the list, that your goals are important" - Eliza

I've learnt that women come from many different backgrounds and different experiences regarding formal training. Some start young and are spotted with talent for particular sports. Others begin because of family influences. Others still start out in something different but find that cycling is their jam. 

I've learnt that to succeed, you need to put yourself high on the list, that your goals are important. You need to give yourself the time to put yourself first, to focus on your goals and things become much more achievable. 

I've learnt that its easy to get pulled away on a tangent, but having a solid goal that has been said aloud, that you are now accountable towards, helps to bring that focus back to your goal. It helps keep you from getting caught up in joining friends on every possible type of race and ride you are sure would be awesome to join. You have a goal, and reminders of that goal will help to bring focus to that training and the end result. 

Lastly, I've learnt that there is a multitude of incredible women out there, all with amazing back stories and who are inspirational role models to women and men everywhere. Brief chats with the fellow ambassadors, as well as those who came along to support us and Roxcycl, barely scratched the surface of their stories. Over the coming year I look forward to learning more about the amazing people I am now in contact with, as well as sharing my story with you.

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update on #mygoalrox 

December 02 2014

We had so many fantastic entries for our #mygoalrox Ambassador Program last month! What started out as a fun 'home video' watching session turned out to be a nail-biting task to select just three women to represent Roxcycl as Brand Ambassadors in 2015. 

While we did have to narrow it down to only three women from 15 deserving applicants it was inspiring to hear – and see – so many women setting themselves big goals for 2015.

We had mums, coaches, new Australian citizens, young professionals, students, road riders, mountain bikers, and triathletes all apply for our program. 

The program was always about more than just offering $1000 cash and some awesome cycling kit to successful applicants. It was, and is, about inspiring everybody, not just women, to set themselves goals and work towards these. 

On December 21 we will announce who our three Brand Ambassadors will be for 2015 at York Lane Bar in Sydney's CBD. 

For the next twelve months you can follow their journey with us as they work towards their new big goal proudly outfitted in the best cycling clothing that Roxcycl has to offer. 

So join us for food, drinks and Q&A with our new Roxcycl Brand Ambassadors and other special guests on December 21.

2015 Roxcycl Ambassadors Program

October 31 2014

At Roxcycl we like to do things a little differently and in order to promote women's cycling we are looking for up to 3 New South Wales or Australian Capital Territory based female cyclists to become ambassadors in 2015. We are looking to support each ambassador with luxury Velocio and Vanderkitten kit along with up to $1000 per athlete to help cover the costs of a pre agreed event in the second half of 2015. This may include racing as part of the National Road Series, Amy's Gran Fondo, competing at the National Masters, or even the Crocodile Trophy. We want to help our ambassadors achieve something they have never done before! In addition to help our ambassadors reach their goal we have organised mentoring from the professional road cyclists that make up the Roxsolt Summer Team.

The program will run from 30 November 2014 to 31December 2015. We are planning on capturing your journey towards the pre agreed goal in the second half of 2015.

If you are interested in becoming an ambassador please get in contact and ask for an application form. Then post a short 1-2 minute video on why you would make a great ambassador and how the program would assist you to achieve your goals. Simply post your video online, tweet us @Roxcycl and return the application form via email.

Applications open on 1 November 2014 and close on the 14th of November 2014. Ambassadors will be selected based on merit by our expert panel based on meeting the program requirements.

The Fine Print (Program Terms & Conditions)

  • The Ambassador Program runs from 30 November 2014 to 31 December 2015. 
  • Roxcycl expect ambassadors to be members of Cycling Australia and hold a recreation or race license for 2015 (for insurance purposes)
  • Ambassadors must reside in New South Wales or the Australian Capital Territory, Australia.
  • Ambassadors must be female and over the age of 18 years as of 30 Nov 2014.
  • Ambassadors will ride and race exclusively in the kit provided to them by Roxcycl
  • Ambassadors must obey all road rules and act in a professional and courteous manner at all times
  • Ambassadors will need to share a monthly blog about their progress towards their goal
  • Ambassadors agree to Roxcycl using any ambassador images, videos, social media or blog content
  • Ambassadors will need to engage in social media about their goal at least twice a week to help promote women's cycling
  • Ambassadors will need to attend 2 events (Ambassador announcement and 1 other agreed event)
  • Roxcycl will re-imburse up to $1000 for each Ambassador expenses incurred to participate in pre agreed event based on having met the requirements of the program within 7 days of the ambassador submitting tax invoices after participating in the pre agreed event
  • Approximate total value of sponsorship is $2000 per ambassador
  • Submitting an application and being selected as an ambassador is acceptance of the terms of the program

Kelvin Rundle

Team owner