Abby Sneddon

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Abby got her first bike 2 years ago to start competing in triathlons. Abby won her first ever race in the U/18-25 category in Newcastle, then moved to Sydney and started competing more seriously in the Kurnell summer sprint series. The Bike was definitely Abby's strongest leg and after a holiday to Europe to follow the Tour De France with her partner she was hooked on cycling. Abby gave up running and swimming to focus on riding and after about a year she noticed she could go harder, faster and further. Abby's partner, James bought her a new bike for her 21st and with his support and encouragement Abby was eager to start racing and see where she could go with my cycling.

2015 is Abby's first full season of road racing and she started racing at NRS level at the Jayco Adelaide Tour. With each NRS race Abby gains more confidence and experience. Abby is super excited to race for Roxsolt and ride along more experienced and developed riders to gain further experience. Abby's cycling career has been very short and sweet but with the passion and drive she has for the sport Abby is excited to see what the future holds.



  • 2nd Stage 2 Canberra Junior & Women's Tour
  • 3rd Orica Kermesse
  • 4th Stage 3 Canberra Junior & Women's Tour
  • 4th GC Canberra Junior & Women's Tour
  • 7th Stage 4 Canberra Junior & Women's Tour
  • 16th (2nd Female) NSW Open Tolland Handicap
  • 23rd UCI Australian National Criterium Championships


  • 1st Stage 3 Junior and Women's Tour of Canberra


  • NSW Team Trial Champion
  • 4th NSW Women's Road Series, Round 7 (West Head Road Race)
  • 5th NSW Women's Road Series, Round 4 (Bathurst)
  • 6th Orica Kermesse
  • 18th NRS Amy's Otway Tour
  • 20th NRS Tour of King Valley
  • 21st NRS National Capital Tour
  • 31st NRS Mersey Valley Tour
  • 35th NRS Jayco Adelaide Tour

Kelvin Rundle

Roxsolt Pty Ltd, Sydney, Australia

Team owner