Belinda Hadden - Team Support


Nickname: Buds or Haddo

Where did you grow up: Geelong, Victoria

Favorite food: Real Italian food

Type of rider: Ironman triathlete turned off road triathlete and mountain biker

Favourite place to ride: Snowy Mountains, Thredbo, Australia

What do you hope to achieve cycling this year/ what are you looking forward to the most about racing in the USA: I would love to grow a proper set of calves and quads and get rid of my little running legs. I am looking forward to being around inspirational women athletes and stepping out of my comfort zone and trying something I never have done before. To join the Roxsolt Attaquer team and enjoy the whole experience of travelling with a professional cycling team as I have come from such an individual sport racing triathlon.

Kelvin Rundle

Roxsolt Pty Ltd, Sydney, Australia

Team owner