Seven Riders Confirmed for #RoxsoltLadies in 2017

On the back of a successful 2016 season #RoxsoltLadies sees six riders returning for 2017 and the addition of one new rider.

The returning riders are;

  1. Georgia Catterick - New Zealand (2016 U23 Oceania Region Individual Time Trial Champion, 25th Overall National Road Series)
  2. Elizabeth Doueal - Australia (2016 NSW Road Race Champion)
  3. Ruby Livingstone - New Zealand (14th Overall National Road Series)
  4. Josephine Meldgaard - New Zealand (2nd NSW ITT Time Trial Championships)
  5. Lydia Rippon - New Zealand (2015 Auckland Road Race Champion)
  6. Abby Sneddon - Australia (2016 Stage 2 Winner Junior & Women's Tour of Canberra)

#RoxsoltLadies has added New Zealand rider, Rylee McMullen to the team for 2017. Rylee placed 3rd on Stage 4 of NRS National Capital Tour and is ranked 24th overall in the National Road Series.

The high number of riders returning for 2017 is a great reflection on the success of #RoxsoltLadies. Being a small team we have to limit the number of riders we can have on the team and I'm am sure we have passed on some outstanding future stars. The team has really bonded during 2016 and changing too many riders is always a risk of disruption. We are really looking forward to building on the momentum gained in the 2nd half of 2016 and with this team roster it will be like nothing has changed. We should be able to pick up in January and be in a position of known what needs to be done right from the start. That is going to be invaluable against other teams that will take a few races while their riders learn to work together. With that said, I would expect 2018 to be a different story with half of the team looking to 2017 to try and secure a 2018 UCI team contract.
Kelvin Rundle #RoxsoltLadies Team Owner

Kelvin Rundle

Team owner